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Reeves Jones testimonials

For many years Reeves Jones has provided valuable legal services for people in Madison, Yazoo, Hinds and Rankin Counties. Here are some testimonials from just a few of his many clients.

Each case is unique and based upon its own facts and applicable law. The testimonials cited below, while involving real clients and real cases, are not to be considered representative of all cases handled by Mr. Jones; neither should these testimonials be construed to mean that Mr. Jones will have similar results with your case. In some cases, Mr. Jones worked with associate counsel who participated directly in the preparation and litigation of the lawsuits.

Reeves Jones has been my attorney for over 15 years. He handled my divorce, and when my daughter was severely brain injured in a vehicle accident, he set up a conservatorship for her needs and sued the car manufacturer. Nine months later my daughter received a Ten Million Dollar settlement.

~ E.M., Madison, Mississippi

I slipped and fell in a convenience store in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I hired a prestigious law firm in Jackson to pursue my personal injury suit. After 18 months of litigation, the law firm recommended that I accept $5,000 as a settlement for my injuries, which included closed head trauma. I fired the law firm and hired Mr. Jones. In 9 months the defendant settled my case for $500,000-100 times more than I had previously been offered.

~ J.G., Raleigh, North Carolina

When my former husband tried to interfere with my custody rights with our daughter, Mr. Jones took my case. Two previous attorneys had done little to help me. After nearly two years of litigation in chancery court, Mr. Jones succeeded where others had failed. I now have custody of my daughter and we are finally happy.

~ R.W., Madison, Mississippi

When my former husband tried to terminate visitation with my daughter, I employed a well-known Jackson "divorce lawyer." I received bills every month until I owed the lawyer over $25,000 before the case even went to trial! I fired my attorney and hired Mr. Jones. He charged me a very reasonable fee, prepared my case for court and won the trial.

~ K.M., Rankin County, Mississippi

My brother "James" was injured in a fight and taken to a hospital Emergency Room. The doctor took X-rays, saw nothing and released him. But the doctor had not read the X-rays correctly: he did not see that my brother had a fractured neck. When my brother got home and lay down on the couch, his neck shifted, severing his spinal cord. This resulted in total paralysis from the neck down, making my brother a quadriplegic. I became by brother's Conservator and hired Mr. Jones to sue the doctor and hospital. Prior to trial, Mr. Jones obtained a large monetary settlement that allowed me to take care of my brother and all his medical and social needs until his death, some years later.

~ R.H. Raymond, Mississippi

I live in Biloxi, but for 30 years I had owned 125 acres of land in Madison County. The man living next to my property cut my timber without my knowledge and then tried to claim the land was his under "adverse possession." Mr. Jones took my case for a very reasonable fee. He tried my case in Chancery Court in Canton, and after a two day trial, the Chancery Court Judge affirmed my ownership of the 125 acres.

~ B.M., Biloxi, Mississippi

I am the owner of a large music company in Madison County, Mississippi. For the past 15 years, Reeves Jones has represented my business interests in numerous legal matters ranging from contract disputes and warranty issues, to injunctive relief against the City of Jackson. If I have a legal problem, Mr. Jones is the first person I call.

~ M.M., Ridgeland, Mississippi

My husband moved to Texas then tried to sue me for divorce because Texas does not have alimony. Mr. Jones was able to have my divorce heard in Mississippi, where I received substantial alimony and other equitable benefits from 23 years of marriage. I don't know what I would have done without Mr. Jones.

~ D.S., Madison, Mississippi

I was severely injured when an out-of-state 18-wheeler ran into the back of my car on Hwy. 49 near Richland. I had a brain injury that made it impossible for me to talk, drive or work. Mr. Jones took my case and sued the trucking company in federal court. Mr. Jones was able to settle the case two weeks before trial. My family and I are very pleased with the large settlement from the trucking company and can now live with dignity and financial security.

~ L.F., Florence, Mississippi

My former wife took me to court claiming I owed over $27,000 in back child support. The first attorney I went to told me I needed "to cut a deal." I hired Mr. Jones and he was able to prove in court that I had already paid what I owed, and had even over-paid child support.

~ D. W., Jackson, Mississippi

I am a crop-duster and knew that if I had a heart attack, my pilot's license would be suspended for at least 12 months under FAA regulations. So I bought a "heart attack" policy that would pay me $50,000 in the event of a heart attack. That way, I could survive for 12 months until I got my license back. But when I had a heart attack three years later, the insurance company refused to pay on the policy, claiming my heart attack was caused by "a pre-existing condition." Within 4 weeks after Mr. Jones filed his lawsuit, the insurance company paid me the $50,000 and asked to be let out of the lawsuit. Mr. Jones refused because the company's initial refusal to pay was unjustified and made in bad faith. The insurance company later settled the case with me for $950,000.00. My wife and I will always be indebted to Mr. Jones.

~ R. B., Belzoni, Mississippi

My wife ran off to Alabama with our children. On the advice of a friend, I hired Mr. Jones, who immediately filed a divorce action in Yazoo County and spent the next three years fighting for my children. I eventually got my divorce and custody of my two boys. I also got exclusive ownership of our home in Benton, Mississippi. My entire family is grateful to Reeves Jones, who never quit until he had won the case.

~ C.H., Benton, Mississippi

My father died in a nursing home when he was attacked by a violent resident. I hired a TV lawyer who advertised that he "did nothing but nursing home cases." He kept the file for over a year and "did nothing." I hired Mr. Jones, who diligently and aggressively pursued the case. In less than a year the nursing home settled.

~ D.L., Greenville, Mississippi

I lost the fingers on my right hand when an ER doctor failed to follow medical protocol for a petroleum injection injury. None of the attorneys I spoke with in my town wanted the case. My cousin recommended Mr. Jones. He sued the hospital and doctor, and we received a very good settlement a year later.

~ S.W., Kosciusko, Mississippi

When my business burned down two weeks after renewing my property insurance policy, the insurance company denied coverage. Mr. Jones sued the agent and insurance company and after 18 months of litigation, I finally received full coverage for my losses-well over $600,000.

~ B. P., Canton, Mississippi